:What is ASIJ

ASIJ stands for Academic Society of Iranians in Japan

:Who are ASIJ members
ASIJ consists of Iranian university students, researchers and academic staff that are residing in Japan


:Who are ASIJ board members
ASIJ has five board members who are selected by memebers' vote annually

:What is the scope of ASIJ
ASIJ is a multi-disciplinary non-governmental independent and friendly group that has been formed apart from personal backgrounds or political affiliations. According to the articles, ASIJ is a non-profit organization funded by the optional or voluntary help and support of the memebrs or organisations approved by the members through voting

:What are the objectives of ASIJ
- Promoting relations between the scholars and academics of Iran and those of other countries, particularly Japan
Making and enhancing friendship within the members of the society
 Exchanging knowledge and experience within the members of the society
 Establishing relations with other organizations or societies that benefit the society
Building scientific bridges between the universities of Iran and those of other countries particularly Japan

:What are the activities in ASIJ to satisfy those objectives

Events and Gatherings
ASIJ hold a Scientific Coneference in Tokyo annualy. Attendance is open to public for this multi-disciplinary conference in which members from all over Japan can present and discuss the latest scientific findings by themselves or in their respective field of study
Moreiver each year, ASIJ holds several meetings and gatherings various occasions ranging from cultural events to group tours and camps in Japan. Members and non-members from any nationality are welcomed to participate in these events. For a list of those activities please refer to the Events and News pages of the portal

Facilities and Services
Exclusive facilities and services are provided by ASIJ or the way of ASIJ to members of the society. Members are informed about those services as soon as they become available

Advice and Consultation
Apart from internal affairs of ASIJ, the board memebrs would be pleased to give help ragarding any matter that is in the scope or

related to the objectives of the society. Please send an email to admin@asij.info

:How to join ASIJ
Membership to ASIJ is open to Iranian students, researchers and academics that are residing in Japan.Registration is performed online and through this portal. Members are requested to read and agree upon Terms of the Service, Privacy Policy and Articles of ASIJ available on this portal, prior to registration
ASIJ has an alumni list for past members who leave Japan after graduation or completion of course

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