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کنفرانس Research & Innovation Forum 2019 (rii forum)

The Research and Innovation Forum (rii forum) brings together researchers, academics and practitioners to engage in conceptually sound, inter- and multi-disciplinary, empirically-driven debate on key issues influencing the dynamics of social interaction today. rii forum features cutting-edge research centered on technology, innovation, and education to encourage well-founded dialogue between academia, policy-makers, and the business world. rii forum connects the academia with practitioners to address challenges inherent in contemporary domestic and international affairs. rii forum is devoted to major issues and their implications for the society, the business sector and policy-making, incl.: -Smart cities & smart villages -Technology-enhanced learning -Cognitive computing & social networking -Emerging issues at the cross-section of technology, politics, society & economy -Information systems

تاریخ عملیات :
مهلت ثبت مقاله :
1397/11/24 10:0
مهلت آپلود مقاله :
1397/12/05 11:0
بررسی داوران :
1397/12/08 22:58
بازبینی :
1397/12/09 22:0
تصمیم گیری :
1397/12/10 4:0
اعلام نتایج :
1397/11/24 4:40
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